Our Process

Webco has a straight-forward and collaborative development process for clients, whether or not you've had experience doing so. We emphasize a personal and professional relationship with our clients starting with the initial contact. In many cases, we can design, develop, and deploy a site in less than one month!

We research all we can about your company and industry before meeting with you. We welcome any example websites you have in mind or any pre-designed templates you would like to utilize. When we meet, we listen to your web site creation ideas and provide some of our own. Often, an account executive can provide a quote right on the spot. For more detailed sites, we may need some time to estimate costs. We also accept RFPs and other predetermined project outlines and will respond according to your specifications.

Following our initial meeting, an in-depth proposal based upon information gathered during our meeting will be delivered to you. The proposal will cover development and design features and functions of the project, along with cost and completion details. We can prepare the quote with components "ala carte" so you can selectively determine if they are necessary to your project while still keeping other ideas in tact. After the proposal is delivered, an account executive will follow up immediately with a phone call to alert you to the coming information.

We begin to consider the content of the website and strategize on the types of visitors the site will want to attract. We consider any market research and demographic information. We begin with a site map as a guide to the menu items and content structure. We encourage your input on amy key messages and position, target audience, favorite/least favorite sites in your competitive landscape, and other information to discuss.

After this, we begin the site's design phase. We ensure the design matches the branding and how the content will be displayed, along with any additional features. Its a process that usually lasts 4-8 weeks, and the deliverable is a series of “comps” or mockups before we commit to code.  

We begin by creating the new site using our development server first. Our first stage includes creating the basic framework and features. The second stage includes creating the design from mock-ups. The third stage includes implementing the design features and content fulfillment. The fourth stage includes any additional revisions, bug fixes, and any extra, agreed-upon feature additions and updates if needed.Your actual site may take longer based on delivery of content or product population and will not be published until after the review process has been completed.

Prior to your site's publication, you will be sent a link to your unpublished site for review purposes. Please review your site thoroughly and submit any requested changes via written format(fax or email). If possible, print out the page and mark changes directly on the screenshot or printout.

After receiving the heads up from you, we will publish your site. We will also submit your page for inclusion to the major search engines, setup scheduled processes to create backups and site map generations, and other last minute tunings. We set up Google Analytics so you can monitor real-time traffic and your site's performance on the internet. 

Our relationships with our clients are on-going. After a site is live, we can provide many ways to access help, including email, an online ticket system, phone, and IM. We are always available for questions, and provide hourly support for clients. 

For clients utilizing our online marketing, this is when we start our work in full gear. You have built a great site, so now the task is to get visitors to come it. Depending on your marketing strategy, we can create thousands of opportunities to help promote your site and drive traffic, create conversions based off of generaring leads or sales. 

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