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We are experts in current Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices and provide all the basics for solid on-page SEO work. (On-page SEO relates to the content on pages you manage—the other major aspect of SEO is external in-linking). Joomla makes optimizing your site for search engine optimization easy and intuitive. In the CMS, there are prompts for page titles, page description meta tags, open graph tags, canonical tags, URL aliases, dynamic XML sitemaps, redirect management for search engines to identify important page content.

We also employ page-level caching to make sure your site loads very fast, and we will make design suggestions to ensure that the primary navigation tree is discoverable and indexed by search engines.

You can easily monitor how your site performs and search, and continually improve and experiment, with the use of tools like SEOmoz’s Site Tracker, Positionly, Google's Webmaster Tools, and general web analytics.

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Webco Technology Group LLC

Webco Technology Group LLC

Web site design and development agency located out of Milwaukee, WI, also specializing in digital marketing and social media management. Our experience with Joomla and Magento is excellent. 135 W Wells St #222
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