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Search Engine Optimization

We utilize proven search engine optimization techniques in order to provide our client’s website with the best possible page rankings. Like Google's unofficial motto of "Don't be evil", we feel trying to essentially trick search engines into giving you short-lived gains in page rank will ultimately spell doom for your website if becomes blacklisted by the large search engine services.

Using good code, original content, and building linked referrals from other websites, your website will begin to grow to and move up the rankings in months and stay there. However, in tandem with those "organic results", we highly recommend a simple budget alloted for pay-per-click advertising. Its simple, efficient and gets results fast. We have consulted on many web site's online ad campaigns and know how to get the target-market results are looking for.

Some of the techniques we use include:

Site Maps

A Site Map is a page with simple, selectable text links that search engines can follow to index all of the content throughout the site. We also have a dynamic site map that will automatically include all of the web pages on the site. If a new web page is created in the website, the site map will automatically generate a link. Also, the site map will be automatically generated into a XML file which can be submitted for free on a daily basis to the Google Base service. These results are entered into Google’s bot cue to maximize positioning on its search engine. We also offer submission and management of websites to Yahoo's Site Explorer and Microsoft's Live Webmaster programs.

URL Rewrites

On Apache and IIS web servers, web page URL addresses can be re-written in a search engine friendly manner. Many search engines top rank sites that have a relevant URL address to the keywords.

Search-Engine Friendly Menus

Some websites miss the chance for good search engine rankings because the code used hinders crawlers used by search engines to index content. Search engine crawlers, or bots, often jump over links wrapped in JavaScript or images. We use a combination of XHTML and CSS to produce menus and links. This allows us to create unique graphic design and functionality without restraining the bots.

Directory Inclusion

We submit your site to the major search engine websites along with submissions to free business directories such as DMOZ.org. Getting your URL out on the web is best way to guarantee search engine results. Link Referrals: We always recommend getting your site linked from as many websites as possible, but pages that have content and subject matter relevant to your website will really help get results. Trade organizations, non-profits, and manufacturer websites are excellent ways to start getting your website associated with related keywords.

Content Revisions

Although some may claim people never read content on web pages, bots, also known as spiders, crawlers, etc., sure do. In fact, its the only way search engines index the keywords you are trying to get your website associated with. We can help copy write your content so it makes sense to visitors. We make sure your desired keyword or keyphase density is sufficient. We also do simple tasks like spell checking and formatting text so it won't get lost in the indexing process.